Articulate your brand, find your voice.
Craft the message, draw the crowd.

Articulate your brand, find your voice.
Craft the message, draw the crowd.



Everything I do starts with your brand. I’ll want to know so much about who you are, what you do and why you do it that it may change you. [Don’t be frightened, but feel free to evolve.] Then I’ll help you tell your story, unearth your purpose and articulate your message, whether through brandwriting or journalistic content.


research &

After half a life spent in journalism, I’ve mastered these art forms. I believe you can’t write for the people you’re speaking to without speaking to the people you’re writing for. So, I ask stacks of questions — seriously, I don’t mess about here — and then I listen, think and write, backing it all up with solid research.



I cook up brand copy and journalistic content. It seduces and resonates; it solves problems and educates. It shimmers, shimmies, persuades and incites. From a three-word tagline to a 2,000-word belt-and-braces ebook, I’m on it. But please let me interview you and your stakeholders, it’ll make my work so much better.


I’ll make sure you don’t just bang on about you, with a blog-writing service that quietly seduces your audience to grease the sales funnel.

Brand jigsaw

A stand-alone, multi-use blueprint generated from a brand workshop. Essential for a rebrand, this diligent document informs marketing, design and copywriting.

Brand workshop

Working with brand specialists, we lay tough questioning on you, leaving a brand guide and tone of voice blueprint in your lap.

Content strategy

Using your brand jigsaw as a guide, and working with content marketers, we plan, create and manage your content.

Case study

Using journalistic interviewing, I write case studies (with real quotes from real people) which big-up your customers and show you why they love you.


A guide, an ebook, whatever you call it, this is formatted text and graphics which your visitors download — useful, valuable content to the max.

Internal comms

For larger organisations, I write anything which informs employees and drives engagement, from a staff memo to a strategy and change document, in varying formats.


More than a transcribed Q&A, this turns core journalistic interviewing into a more engaging read with a strong angle, paraphrasing and real quotes.

Journalist at large

A Blue Scribe journalist writing just for you — a trump card in your content arsenal which turns you into a powerful, influential publisher…mwahahaha.


A cracking way to get the right (useful) content to the right people (your audience). The difference: I make sure you don’t push out pap.

Press release

News and feature articles sold in to local/national trade and consumer press about your business. Written for journalists, by journalists, so they get published.

Pack copy

This is the sharp end of copywriting — succinct slogans, punchy descriptions and tight copy which shimmies, excites and entices (and fits the tiniest of spaces).

Tone of voice

A hard-working brand guide companion, this gives life to your persona and shows you how to speak to your audience across all content writing.

Review and guide

Service guides, product reviews and books, project-managed where necessary. Using editorial skills honed over decades, I don’t write predictable slush.

Video script

Working with agencies, I distil complex information and conjure up simple concepts for voiceover artists. This is a refined copywriting skill of which I’m proud.

Website copy

From short, on-brand messages and persuasive call-to-actions to About, Product/Service pages and longer-form content, I deliver the whole shebang.