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When this travelling pizza chef and food consultant needed some creative words for his website, he asked Blue Scribe to fire up the expression machine and wax lyrical.

Pioneers in vintage street food

Lewis and Claire Cole are pioneers of the retro revolution in street food which swept Cornwall. And when Lewis started plying his retro trade (back in 2013) he had a robust visual identity and a meaty vision. But, sadly, he had nowhere to show it off online. For the following two years all he had was a one-page website which was doing him no favours. “That has to change,” he told the Blue Scribe.

By May 2015 his business had a regular, reliable trade around the local towns and camp sites:

“I don’t really need a website,” he told us, “but there’s a hell of a lot more competition now so I want to showcase my unique, artistic personality, processes and vision online.”

So we took a few risks with this one, waxing lyrical on his home page, but making sure his copy was still customer-focused and on-brand.

Values, themes, persona and pizza

I asked questions, listened; we ate pizza and drunk coffee. I dug deep to pull out their values, to get to know their customer profile, and reintroduced them to their brand: the problems they solved for customers, the benefits of their services and their unique selling point.

Then I pulled out some themes around their brand persona, market sector and location (including a link with Falmouth’s maritime heritage), crafted my famous ‘word palette,’ then infused the website copy with their unique tone of voice, proudly unveiling their tagline, spelling out their value proposition and laying out their team, their services and core purpose.

"I just love the bright, theatrical style of the website content you created for me; it captures my character and what I believe in, and tells everyone what’s different about my business. Craig, drop by for a pizza anytime."

Lewis Cole