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Okay, this is a little self-indulgent, but it backs up what I do at Blue Scribe — that journalism is the best grounding for any kind of commercial writing. Here are four of Craig’s favourite pieces from his time at the West Briton newspaper in Truro, Cornwall.

The West what?

The West Briton is a weekly paper in the mid-section of Cornwall and owned by Trinity Mirror. It’s more than a century old, has won a string of awards and has a readership of more than 100,000. The editorial team behind it (and it’s sister papers, Cornish Guardian and Cornishman) are the best journalists I’ve ever worked with.

On to the writing stuff, mostly from early 2015.

Sector analysis: ‘Brand Cornwall growth shows no sign of slowing’

This feature captured a time when pride in Cornwall’s business sector reached an all-time high, boosted by a growth in tourism and European funding.

Lifestyle feature: ‘Cooking up a retro gourmet revolution’

This was the inaugural feature for the the paper’s new Lifestyle section, in March 2015. It picked up on the trend for vintage food sellers which, at the time, was in full swing in the county.

Business profile: Kernowshashimi

Here’s a profile on Chris Bean and Kernowsashimi, who still uses traditional fishing methods at St Martin, near Helston, Cornwall, then couriers his fresh products direct to London.

First-person piece: Learn2Live

It’s not everyday you see a thickset fireman break down in front of hundreds of sixth formers. I was left notably shaken after this piece, where I took part in a shocking road safety show designed to change the driving behaviour of Cornwall’s teenagers.

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