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Let’s face it, most town guides are as dull as a planning committee meeting. So when these forward-thinking councillors wanted the Wadebridge town guide 2016 to shine above all the others in the county, who did they call?

A forward-thinking council for a 14th Century town

Straddling the River Camel in Cornwall, and with the Camel Trail leading off from both ends of the town, Wadebridge has bucked the trend of other Cornish destinations. It retains a vibrant boutique retail community, a buzzing events schedule and a 700-year history, with a booming housing market to boot. And the town councillors wanted to show it off, but not in the traditionally tiresome way they had done in the past.

‘Bringing the town to life’

An engaging, compelling, journalistic approach was called for by one of the councillors, Abby Richardson, herself a PR.

"We had been commissioning our town guide for a number of years from a company that developed them for towns across the UK," she said. "The guide was lacking in character and it could have been about any market town; it didn't communicate what we felt was special about Wadebridge. The brief was to bring the town to life for visitors who may not have visited before, communicate its personality and make it stand out from the crowd."

Call in the Blue Scribe journalist

I was called in to research, plan, interview and craft; acting as feature writer, editor, copywriter and working with a designer to pull it together in two weeks.

Abby added:

"We had an agreed approach at the outset and a clear outline for the guide format. We all knew what information was needed and by when. The Blue Scribes interviewed a series of local people to create the content for the features, which really brought the guide to life. The whole process was as easy and hassle-free as it could be.”

"The guide is something that is actually interesting to read rather than a list of facts and visitor information. We are absolutely delighted with the result. All the town councillors have complimented the team on a job well done. Apparently there were also many envious remarks from other mayors who thought it was excellent and wished they could have something similar to promote their towns.”

Abby Richardson, Wadebridge Town Council.