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Oh, the irony. After I helped a physiotherapist-cum-personal trainer to find his voice and flaunt his style, I developed a spinal problem which could only be fixed by a physiotherapist-cum-personal trainer.

When Andrew McCauley, from ProCare Sports Medicine, asked me to tell his story and explain what the heck he does (without making non-medical people fall asleep), I couldn’t refuse. But it would be six months before I’d get a taste of my own medicine.

Website referrals and a new sales pitch

I wrote Andrew’s brand guide, tone of voice and website copy (throwing in a press release for added value). Andrew published the copy on his site, and it started paying off:

"I’m getting referrals from my website — that never happened before. I use the brand guide you created for me in sales pitches — and it works. Craig, you’ve turned my own words into brilliant web copy and snappy straplines; it’s like I’ve got a new story – a grand job".

That was September 2015. Job done, or so I thought.

Come back stronger

Then, in February, the tingling in my hands (a two-year problem off and on) became unbearable and almost stopped me from working.

I tried a physiotherapist, osteopath; I tried swimming and gym work…but nope, nothing worked. Then I remembered my own (and Andrew’s regurgitated) words: “This is where your sports physiotherapist merges with your personal trainer” and “We are challenging preconceptions about injury diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention” and “we believe that you shouldn’t need to be a professional athlete to be treated like one.”

Time to test my work. Was he really as good I said he was?

“A detective for the body”

I had tagged Andrew as a “detective for the body.” Within 45 minutes he had deduced that my problem was to do with me jutting my head forward and hinging my neck upward. He gave me a super-simple solution and the problem vanished within weeks.

Sports scientist to physiotherapist

This Irish maverick is at the top of his game, with a high-end educational profile to match. He is a sports scientist, sports medicine practitioner, senior NHS physiotherapist and sports and conditioning leader who trains other physios in Cornwall. He speaks the different languages of scientists, fitness trainers and clinicians, but is also heavily influenced by alternative therapies thanks to his upbringing.

Happy client, fitter brand writer

I’d swapped services with clients before, but that’s not how it went down here. He solved my problem; I solved his. And when I tested my work, it was bang on.

"I’ve started using your brand guide in sales pitches. Every time I used to explain what I do and its benefits, I reverted to insurance salesman mode. Now I just open up the brand guide or look at my website and there is it, in plain English, straight to the point.

"It’s like I’ve got a new story; it feels like a cloud has been lifted. The tone of voice and brand identity guidelines are great points of reference for me to keep my messages consistent across different channels – a grand job."

Andrew McCauley