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In 2016, full service marketing agency, Wolf Rock, started outsourcing copywriting to Blue Scribe. Here’s how the relationship developed, and why Phil described us as “moon-on-a-stick.”

The agency

Wolf Rock, based in Truro, Cornwall, specialises in local tourism, food and drink, marine, technical and lifestyle brands. Most of their writing is done in-house, but some higher end stuff needs specialist skills. They had used some copywriters in the past. But when Blue Scribe founder, Craig Blackburn, literally put himself in front of director, Phil Gendall, that all changed.

Working with tourism brands

He was soon commissioned for his first job, with a high-profile client (who we can’t name, sorry). Craig worked on the brand guide and tone of voice, based on in-depth interviews with the management team, then wrote short copy for the main website pages and a brochure.

Calling in some help

Another job soon followed. For this job Blue Scribe called in specialist travel and tourism writer, Hayley Spurway, who, Craig admits, did a “much better job” than he would have ever done. Craig added: “Hayley has a sumptuous, detail-heavy, but gracious style which leaves you wishing you were there. Once again, she delivered top-notch copy for this project.”

Since then the Blue Scribe / Wolf Rock relationship has blossomed, and long may it do so.


Phil, a man of few words, described the Blue Scribe team as “moon-on-a-stick.”

Thankfully, we got him to elaborate:

“Searching for really good writers is a pain. So when you find brilliant, flexible, reliable, straight writers, who are affordable and easy to work with, like the Blue Scribe team, it’s a joy.”

Phil Gendall
Director, Wolf Rock Marketing