Flea (RHCP). Credit Wikimedia Commons Leon Wilson, Sydney, Australia.

‘Give It Away,’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is about the paradox of generosity: give away more, receive more. This philosophy lies at the heart of content marketing.

Help, don't hibernate

When Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, John Frusciante, and bassist, Flea (pictured), wrote ‘Give It Away’ in the early 1990s, they were rapping about the paradox of generosity: the more you give away, the more you receive.

“Greedy little people in a sea of distress
Keep your more to receive your less.”

And this song from the album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, highlights the fundamentals of content marketing. Instead of keeping all your expertise locked away in your brain, behind your parapets of paranoia, give a little away to help your prospects and customers do their job better, or live their lives better.

Enhance more, interrupt less

That way you’ll enhance their lives more, interrupt less and add value. And, ultimately, you’ll win more business. Sounds like a backward way of doing business doesn’t it.

Realize I don’t want to be a miser…
How come everybody want to keep it like the kaiser.

Give it away give it away give it away now…

Kindness, generosity and decency are all endearing. These traits engender trust. They build relationships.

What’s the catch for the ‘receiver’? Er, there isn’t one.

So what’s in it for the ‘giver?’

A feeling of enormous wellbeing? Well, a bit, yes, but this is business, and we’re all busy, so there has to be more on the table, right? And there is. When the reader needs to buy something that you supply, you’re at the top of their mind. Why? Because you’re not only a generous and selfless soul, but a knowledgeable, authoritative source (dare we say expert). That’s the simple version anyway.

If content marketing is done right, your readers will become customers, or, at the very least, brand ambassadors. They will not only want to do business with you, they will want to tell everyone about you. People like to do business with people they like, people who know their stuff, people who are real, selfless and trustworthy.

“Unimpressed by material excess
Love is free love me say hell yes.”

‘Be generous, show you care; never forget to share’

This is one of our mottos at Blue Scribe: ‘be generous, show you care; never forget to share.’ We give away our writing tips, do our best to stay in touch with clients and colleagues, report on confusing industry trends, and share content from other people in our industry. What? Are we crazy? Idiotic? Well, maybe a little of all three. But we’re just practising what we preach.

And it works.

We gain more customers from being nice than we do from shutting ourselves away in the cupboard, heavily guarding our knowledge behind intellectual doors.

Get smart get down with the pow wow
Never been a better time than right now.”


(Pic credit: Leon Wilson, Sydney, Australia, and Wikmedia Common.