There’s a debate raging in the UK content marketing world about the distinction between ‘copywriters’ and ‘content writers’, and which is best suited for each type of project.

I have my take on all this is, but, for now, I’m leaving my ego at the door — let’s get straight to the debate:

Seven breeds of writer

Fiona Campbell-Howes, from Radix Communications (Cornwall), nailed this topic (in 2013), when she talked about ‘The seven types of B2B copywriter’ (brand journalist, SEO writer and marketing, technical, creative, explainer and digital copywriter).

Sharon and Sonja at Valuable Content (VC), in Bristol, reignited the debate this week (September, 13, 2016) with this beauty: ‘Copywriter or content writer – which one does your website project need?’

Doug Kessler, from Velocity Partners (London), joined the debate, as did Sean Fleming (Manchester), Steevan Glover from Brew’d (Reading) and Chris Butler of Newfangled (okay, this chap is from North Carolina, US), on their blog.

And we haven’t heard the last of it yet, not by a long shot.

But how does this help you?

Remember: not all ‘copywriters’ are the same, and many will claim they can do it all, from short to long copy; ads and taglines to product webpages and blogs. But, according to most involved in this debate (all at the top of their game), this is extremely rare. The point is: there should be a clear distinction so that you can choose the best writer for your content marketing project.