When any new industry takes off, it attracts the hordes. It gets flooded with crap. But how do you ‘survive the deluge’ as B2B content marketing agency, Velocity Partners, put it (five years ago this month)?


Have a conscience, don’t push out pap. Find a new angle, be different. Find your voice and flaunt your style. Be true to yourself. Ask more questions. Never be satisfied with ‘this’ll do’. Write about what you know. [Other media formats are available.] Help don’t sell, talk don’t yell.

And lots of other stuff about being distinctive, authentic and useful (instead of annoyingly interruptive and vapid).

Everyone can write, right? Wrong. Well, with a bit of help, lots of people can, but it takes training, research, practice, patience, experience, dominance of the English language and high-end editing skills…plus lots of other stuff you can’t learn in an online weekend course.

But, whether you’re an in-house writer, marketing manager wearing a ‘writer’ hat, or an outsourced scribe, stick at it.Of course, you need to sort your content strategy (that’s partly Velocity Partners’ point) and your verbal branding (that’s a whole other story).

As Velocity Partners said in its most excellent slideshare five years ago this month, hordes of digital marketing agencies proudly started pinning the ‘content’ badge to their respective chests, from SEO to social media…even, ahem, copywriters. [Okay, I tried to become a ‘content strategist’ — remember than Sonja? — but failed miserably because it wasn’t who I was/am.]

The copycats who started chasing down the quick buck by creating streams of drivel for their clients only added to the torrent of crap content. [Apart from me because, like I said, I was shit at it.]

Now the term has matured even more. Doug’s slideshare has topped 4.7m views. Awareness is higher. But it’s still happening. Crap content to the web is like plastic to our oceans. So, how do we survive the deluge?

Don’t settle for crap. [Both clients and agencies.]

Amid a torrent of content, quality matters. Nuff said.