Responsible for branding and writing in a business or agency?
Your job just got easier.

Responsible for branding and writing
in a business or agency?
Your job just got easier.

Marketing manager?

You are responsible for branding, marketing and/or writing in a small or medium-sized business, either as an owner, marketing manager or part of a team. You need to look good for your boss and captivate your audience. You find it hard to express, through the written word, who you are, what you do and why your prospects should buy from you.

How am I doing?

You may have stacks of great ideas for content to create and share (rammed full of wisdom and success stories), but you just can’t turn them into the right words to engage your customers and prospects. Plus, you don’t have the time for all this creative stuff, right?

In short, your verbal branding is leaving you a bit flummoxed and you don’t know why. If this is you, do not worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, you have more company that you realise. Make a start by up-skilling in our Useful content blog, or click a box.

Agency account manager?

You are an account manager in a creative agency delivering top-notch branding and copywriting for your clients. You work for demanding, sometimes challenging, businesses who expect to see a return on their investment. Your agency is at the top of its game.

But there’s only a problem, and it’s a biggy: you have no specialist, in-house writers (or not enough of them).

You are shopping for a writer who specialises in verbal branding, and who can deliver short and long copy across disparate sectors. You need someone who you can trust; someone who is easy to work with, brilliant, flexible and straight up.

You need a former journalist who can get to grips with reams of complex info quickly; someone who’s on-brand, on-time, on-budget and on-strategy — every time. If this is you, click this way.