A tenacious, expressive copywriter with an almost fanatical devotion to authenticity.

A tenacious, expressive copywriter with an almost fanatical devotion to authenticity.

I’m a copywriter, brandwriter and commercial journalist.

I’m hell-bent on eradicating vapid words from brand language and digital content. My superpowers are clarity, brevity…and an almost fanatical devotion to authenticity.

With a 20-year background as a trade and regional press journalist in London, Sydney and Truro (Cornwall), I’m not afraid to ask the difficult questions (in fact I’m known for it). Since May 2015 I’ve been known as Blue Scribe.

I’m a finder of written ‘voices’, a storyteller and message articulator; an idea-formulator, truth miner and master of concision. I change colour like the chameleon writing connoisseur that I am. And I love working on complex brands with big stories — that’s where my powers work best.

Blue Scribe is almost entirely me, but I occasionally dabble in outsourcery. Read about some of my support crew below, or get in touch with me right here.

Craig Blackburn Blue Scribe brandwriter

Craig Blackburn — relentless driver

"I’m smitten by rhythm — I never stop moving, thinking, creating."

Everyone has a tale to tell. Mine is one of Brazilian dance-fighting, surfing and print journalism across three continents. I wrote and edited copy for trade magazines and newspapers from 1995 to 2015. That’s when I asked 30 agencies if they’d pay for my work in a commercial setting. The majority said ‘yes,’ no-one said ‘no’ (a few offered me some work). I quit journalism the next day.

When I’m not interviewing, thinking or writing, I slide and glide on water, hang off the side of cliffs (with ropes, I’m not an idiot) and tell Dad jokes.

If I was quoting myself I’d say: “I’m smitten by rhythm — I never stop moving, thinking, creating. The one thing I could not live without is social interaction (the old fashioned kind). Questions are my allies. I love inspiring others, and, at 43, I can still do a cartwheel (just about).”

Hayley Spurway Blue Scribe writer

Hayley Spurway — audacious explorer

”Skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke…proclaiming: ‘What a Ride!’”

A gastronome, surfer, beach fanatic, and mum-of-three, Hayley has explored (and written about) every cranny of Cornwall – and a fair chunk of the South West – as a virtuoso of travel and tourism writing. 

As well as copywriting for creative agencies, her well-travelled words light up the pages of national publications and websites, from The Guardian to Rough Guides and Coast magazine to BBC Countryfile. 

Quoting Hunter S Thompson, she says: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a Ride!’”

Elliot Walker Blue Scribe writer strategist

Elliot Walker — adventurous strategist

“Always searching for the perfect wave”

Elliot has been working with words for over two decades, first as a newspaper journalist, then as an outdoor adventure magazine editor and travel content producer. 

As an avid surfer and triathlete, Elliot uses his energy, enthusiasm and experience to connect clients to customers through inbound marketing techniques such as SEO, PR and strategic content marketing.

Whether it’s travelling, sporting challenges or writing, for this surfer and triathlete, it’s all about the journey: “In life and business we’re all taking little journeys. It’s my job to get from A to B as effectively as possible by taking small steps linked by an overall strategy. I work hard at planning; I’m always searching for the perfect wave.”