By © Markus Felix | PushingPixels.

Content is creative, it’s not all crap, who says it can’t be wrapped up in a rap? Here’s everything you need to remember about content strategy in less than 150 words. 

Content strategy rapped up in a rhyme

The quickest way to brand success: talk about yourself less; ask more questions, focus on your audience. Define what you do, who you are and why you’re doing it. It’s not what you say it’s the way that you’re saying it.

Make ‘em laugh, don’t just tell them you’re funny. Don’t try and sell to them (and don’t mention money). Show your colours, find your voice and flaunt your style. Neither be too shy nor fly your flag too high.

Be generous, show you care; never forget to share.

Speak your truth quietly, let it entice and resonate. Entertain, recommend, solve problems and educate — make their life better.

Understand the link between emotion and purchase — make them feel.

Stick to the game plan, and know why you’re following it. Keep score, enhance more, interrupt less, be honest — make buying easier.

In these supercharged digital times amid a torrent of content, quality matters.

Content strategy rapped up in a rhyme

Yes, this was written in the wee hours, fuelled by insomnia, Macklemore, Desiderata, Valuable Content and a search for higher meaning (well, Courvoisier). For slightly less creative, but equally useful content, sign up to our updates. There’s a box on the footer somewhere.

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